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The artist Samar, 37 years old

Samar, 37 years old, lives in a small house under an apartment building in Mardin-Türkiye, with her husband and their two children.

After losing her right arm as a result of aerial bombardment in Syria, she did not give up, so she continued to draw her path towards creativity and improvement.

Samar the painter 🎨, used to practice her hobby of drawing with the drawing books sometimes available from her children at home and develop her talent on her own. Sened Organization - as part of its project funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) - provided complete drawing supplies, which include a full set of equipment: a wooden drawing stand, a box of drawing pens, palettes, colors, drawing brushes, and other materials. Samar was able to transform her life into an artistic painting full of hope and vitality. Samar says: "I am filled with happiness. I am now a painter, and I own a drawing kit, so I have no obstacle to practicing my favorite hobby beautifully, which removes many worries and burdens from me."


Samar now takes her young child to kindergarten and goes shopping on her own. This reflects positively on her family stability and daily work, after she rarely left her home and had little contact with her peers.

In addition, she began participating in the Al-Nour and Al-Amal Volunteer Team (a volunteer team of people with disabilities established by the Sened Organization under the slogan “We Can”). She also began sharing her drawings on social media, as this assistance from Sened represented a strong incentive for her further community contribution. She also recently began planning with the Sened Organization to launch an exhibition of her paintings, where she will be able to display her work and share it with the public on a broader scale.

Samar concludes her speech: “Sened revived a latent aspect of my personality that I had always wanted to unleash, and I am proud of my ability to practice my hobby as a painter, overcome any obstacle, and deliver life messages to people through me.” 🌟🖌🎉


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