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In times of disaster, conflict, or pandemic, Sened recognizes that swift action is essential. Our approach includes cash and voucher assistance as a powerful tool for recovery. Here’s why it matters: 1. Immediate Relief: When crisis strikes, providing cash directly to affected families is one of the most effective ways to help them regain stability. Cash can take various forms, including vouchers, prepaid debit cards, mobile transfers, bank account deposits, paper currency, or cash-for-work programs. 2. Market Functionality: In functioning markets, cash allows families to purchase precisely what they need. It empowers them to make choices based on their unique circumstances. 3. Bridge to Recovery: Cash assistance bridges the gap between emergency response and long-term recovery. 4. Speed and Reach: By delivering cash, we can reach more people quickly. It’s a lifeline that restores dignity and empowers individuals to rebuild their lives. 5. Local Economies: Cash injections jumpstart local economies. When families spend locally, businesses thrive, creating a ripple effect of positive impact.

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