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At Sened, our core principles guide our unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of those affected by conflicts. We believe in creating a safer and more inclusive world for all. Let’s delve into our principles: 1. Human Rights Protection: Sened ensures that individuals impacted by conflicts have access to life-saving support. 2. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Prevention: We work tirelessly to protect vulnerable populations from GBV. Our efforts aim to alleviate fear and create safe spaces. 3. Inclusion and Accessibility: Sened provides a suitable environment for persons with disabilities. Inclusion is not just a goal; it’s our duty. 4. Goal-Oriented Activities: Our activities are purpose-driven. We strive to stand against harm and humiliation faced by vulnerable communities. 5. Information and Access: Sened equips those at risk with vital information about protection. We facilitate access to specialized protection services. 6. Impartial Support: We provide transparent support without discrimination. 7. Community Empowerment: Sened’s community-based approach empowers the most vulnerable. Together, we build resilience and strength. 8. Safety and Dignity: Sened prioritizes protection mainstreaming. We ensure safety and uphold the dignity of all community members.

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