About Sened

Sened Organization...Live with dignity

Sened is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization licensed and registered in Türkiye with the number 27-15-175.

Sened organization was established in response to the Syrian catastrophe, aiming to address the plight of millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey, as well as internally displaced people within Syria. Its primary objective is to alleviate the suffering, achieve justice, equality, and freedom, while enhancing the role of civil society and supporting the local communitys development. SAND operates in humanitarian sectors, providing support, empowerment, and awareness through various programs, with special attention to people with disabilities and their families, advocating for their issues.

Where we work


Our Mission

Pioneering in making a substantial and positive change leads to the rise of communities and a dignified living for people with disabilities.

Our Vision

Empowering and supporting local and host communities to achieve sustainable development within an inspiring and motivating environment that employs the best human and technical resources while paying special attention to people with disabilities.

Our Goals

  • Transparency, just, integrity, and accountability 
  • Solidarity and compassion
  • Cooperation and team spirit
  • Appreciation of the workers’ efforts

The organization relies on three primary elements, namely vision, mission, and values, to formulate its theory of change. Through these, it sets goals, regulates implementation procedures, defines. evaluation policies, and establishes monitoring mechanisms. This is guided by the following statement: "To bring about any societal renaissance or successive positive changes in the lives of individuals, including people with disabilities and their families, services should be provided with consideration for the diversity of sectors."

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