Our Projects

At Sened, we are committed to uplifting the most vulnerable groups in society. Our focus centers on persons with disabilities and their families. Here’s how we make a difference: 1. Skills Training for Economic Empowerment: Sened designs and implements targeted training projects. These initiatives equip individuals with the skills needed to access the labor market. By enhancing livelihood opportunities, we pave the way for sustainable and positive futures. 2. Sustainable Livelihoods: Our goal extends beyond short-term gains. We strive to create lasting impact. Sened supports livelihoods that not only provide income but also contribute to community well-being. 3. Enhancing Basic Services: We recognize that basic services play a crucial role in improving living conditions. Sened works to enhance access to essential services, ensuring dignity and well-being for all. 4. Integration into Society: Sened’s holistic approach integrates vulnerable individuals into society. We believe that sustainable development is achieved when no one is left behind.

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