Our Projects

At Sened, our Health and Nutrition sector plays a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of those in need. Here’s how we make a difference: 1. Access to Healthcare Services: Sened strives to improve access to primary healthcare services. We stand by beneficiaries during their health journeys, ensuring they receive the care they deserve. 2. Empowering People with Disabilities: Our commitment extends to people with disabilities. We work to establish and expand services tailored to their unique needs. Inclusion is at the heart of our approach. 3. Preventive Programs: Sened places great emphasis on preventive measures. Our awareness-raising programs focus on nutrition support for children and mothers. We believe that prevention is the first step toward well-being. 4. Nutrition Centers and Counseling: In camps and communities, we establish nutrition centers and tents. These serve as hubs for comprehensive nutrition services. Our dedicated counselors provide guidance, individual sessions, and dietary supplements. 5. Referral Pathways: For cases requiring specialized treatment, Sened ensures efficient referral pathways. No one should face health challenges alone.

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