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Hatay - The story of Kamal

Where hope overcomes circumstances, between the outskirts of the Syrian war and the difficulties of natural disasters, this emotional story of a father who faces difficulties with courage and determination to advance his family is revealed. He was injured and lost his foot, and lived in very harsh conditions without shelter. Through a humanitarian organization, the father found the necessary support and tangible assistance that helped him secure the basic needs of his children and rebuild their hopes. This story of resilience and optimism reflects the spirit of will and ability to overcome challenges despite their severity, and highlights the strength of determination in the face of difficulties. 


Although the father suffered from many injuries due to the war, his only concern was to keep trying to help his son, who also suffers from hearing problems. 

Because of the war, the father of the family of five people lost his left leg and the harsh conditions left him homeless in Turkey. This was not enough, but his family was exposed to the devastating Kahramanmaraş earthquake on 02/06/2022, which claimed hundreds of families, and not one stone was left upon another. Something that was not directly and indirectly affected by him as well. 

My family and I stayed for 15 days in the municipal square in the center of Kahramanmaraş after the earthquake. My children and I became very ill, and I had no choice but to leave the city. He tried to settle in many cities, and the only answer was that I could not transfer my residency to the states I went to, and thus the inability to complete the treatment for my child, who suffers from hearing problems, and that I had to return to my state again, and thus also return to the fears and horrors of the earthquake. 

On his difficult journey, the father, who began to see new burdens due to the earthquake and his inability to work after his health condition deteriorated, found himself in great financial distress due to his inability to work due to his disability, and he had to face the challenges alone. 

Through the services that Sanad Organization provided to me, they were able to be of real help to me in many matters, says the father as he tries to explain his needs, how to meet them, and the real impact on his life. He continued, saying: I benefited from Sanad with the food assistance card A101 and the winter clothes provided to the children. . 

The father was able to secure basic food supplies for his family for two months, as well as secure necessary winter clothes for his children. This was vital help that gave him hope to try again to support his family. 

The father says: I was able to save this amount provided by the Sanad organization for my family and for important matters at the present time. Instead of this money going to rent the house and other other expenses, I was able to benefit from it and my family directly. 

Despite the difficulties and challenges, he did not lose hope and dreamed of returning to Syria with dignity, as he put it, and although he was suffering from many difficulties, he continued to struggle and work for the sake of his children and their future. 

This story shows us the strength of will and resilience in the face of difficulties and challenges. 



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