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Kayabasi Story

In the villages of islahiya where we can clearly see the devastation caused by the recent earthquake there, and during the visit of the sened team to the kayabaşi village. The team conducted an assessment of the needs of those affected by the earthquake in the village. They also met with the local authorities in the village to support them in collecting information necessary for the appropriate aid distribution process.


“sened organization came, thanks a lot to them, and they distributed dignity kits to the women, and they distributed toys to the children as well.” Fatima, a single woman living with her mother, father and brother, who is 37 years old, talks about their damaged house after the earthquake and the difficulties that the village faced during the disaster, the family is experiencing economic difficulties, the earthquake has become even more difficult after the earthquake. Especially in the first three days, the difficulties were getting worse. “all the roads leading to our village were closed and at that moment we felt desperate,” fatima says as she explains the arrival of the sened organization to the village and how their conditions began to gradually improve.

In addition to the hygiene needs of women, pss (psychological and social support) kits were also provided to children between the ages of 4 and 9 who study in the village school within the scope of the project. A group counseling session was also provided on ways to prevent diseases and personal hygiene for the village residents.


For his part, the 56 years old, mukhtar's assistant shares his experience after losing many of their family members and the destruction of their homes. He talks about his family of 5 members, and about his married daughter, who was living in the islahiye  center and had two children, died in the earthquake. Their financial situation is very weak and they live in the same house before and after the earthquake. With sened organization to support them, they began to regain some of that strength. “sened organization contacted the village mukhtar, and the village mukhtar contacted us, so hygiene bags and support materials for the children were distributed.” The mukhtar’s assistant says, “they made my family happy with this distribution. Thank them. May god protect them.”

He ends his speech with his wishes for life to take a better course, and for them to overcome this painful experience without experiencing its bitterness again.


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