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The story of Ramadan, the eight-year-old

“We are fine these days” With these words, the 28-year-old mother began her talk about their current situation. After several sessions in the Turkish courts, she was able to obtain custody of her children and separate from her ex-husband. At that time, this mother found herself facing life alone with her two sons, 8 and 7 years old. This small family faced many difficulties, including great financial pressure and the challenges that the mother faced in raising her son who has behavioral disorders, the child couldn’t able to speak, or go to school, he was greatly affected by the earthquake and was afraid, he was also not interested in games and could not even hold a pencil.


The mother was going through a difficult state of psychological pressure, she was very worried about her children, she also had difficulty sleeping, and constant anxiety. While the mother was coming for her son at the organization’s center, the psychological support team in Sened noticed that the mother needed psychological support, Therefore, special psychological support sessions were provided for the mother and psychological education sessions that she could apply to her children, and the family was also offered a psychiatrist. Noticeably, the mother began to gradually recover, and began to feel hopeful and strong to improve her life and the life of her son.


The mother says, “I benefited greatly from psychological support treatments. I was able to get out of the loneliness in which I was imprisoned, and I was able to engage in society again, and these sessions greatly strengthened my self-confidence.”

The mother says about her son, “As for my son Muhammad, In the past, his reactions were impulsive and he would hit the children during playtime, but now everyone loves him and loves to play with him.” “I was able to reach Sened Organization and explain his health condition during my search for his treatment, and then I set appointments for activities at the organization’s center,” the mother says as she talks about the challenges she faced and the hope that began to appear at that time. Thanks to the support they received, the mother and her son begun overcame the difficulties. The mother has become more confident in herself and able to deal with challenges. While her son's health and psychological condition improved significantly. He enjoys playing and learning, his reactions are positive and he is loved by everyone.


“Alhamdulillah; my son loves playing and learning. He distinguishes colors and loves family.”


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