Every day, persons with disabilities are discriminated against that hindered their participation in society on an equal footing with others. Their rights are rejected to be employed and to live independently in the community.

The first meeting of the advocacy group of sened organization, for people with special needs, was with Syrian civil society organizations to highlight the need for the participation of people with special needs in the framework of work, training programs, and capacity building. A set of recommendations has been put forward by the participants to be worked on as an advocacy team:

  1. Develop mechanisms for the census of people with special needs having certificates and professions.
  2. Identify the targeted group.
  3. Establish a cooperative fund to finance small (special) projects for people with special needs.
  4. Discuss the matter with international organizations to convey the issue to human rights organizations.
  5. Find out the reasons for the community’s negative perception towards people with special needs, especially negative empathy.
  6. Provide employment opportunities suit their capabilities.
  7. Follow a series of procedures without procrastination in the provision of services according to the competence of each organization.
  8. Work on the rehabilitation of people with special needs medically and psychologically.
  9. Expand the discussion with Syrian organizations and invite as many people as possible to discuss a code of honor to recruit a percentage of people with special needs in institutions.

It was also agreed to draft a code of honor through subsequent meetings organized by the team in the coming days.