Mr. Wael Abu Kuwait, one of the founding members of sened initiative, gave a presentation on the organization, the situation, and suffering of Syrian with disabilities at the HCM (Humanitarian Coordination Meeting) meeting in Antakya on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. The presentation included a set of recommendations to help this marginalized group:

  1. Integrating people with disabilities into humanitarian work by adopting organizations and the humanitarian community to allocate seats in each organization and to include this principle in the internal work regulations of each organization
  2. Allocating seats for persons with disabilities in capacity-building programs
  3. Participation of persons with disabilities in the design of humanitarian programs in general (camps) and programs that target them in particular
  4. Start designing humanitarian programs that directly target this segment
  5. Focusing on designing advocacy and lobbying programs to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities in situations of risk and humanitarian disaster.