Our belief in the importance of the role of the media in support of special needs issues, sened’s advocacy team gave a presentation on the role of the media in highlighting people with special needs and supporting their causes after inviting media organizations and media activists.

The presentation focused on the levels suffered by people with special needs (human, economic, social, educational, health, emotional, and human rights). There was also a public discussion on the role and effectiveness of the media to raise these aspects and draw attention to them, especially “the aspect of family and community awareness.”

In conclusion, we, sened Advocacy team, thanked our media colleagues (Firas Al-Deeb, Samer Al-Ahmad, and Mazen Abu Tammam) for their attendance, interest, advice and constructive suggestions for our team. That helped us to work properly and take advantage of the media aspect to optimize the delivery of our voice and the voice of people with special needs through media and psychological and moral support for the team.

Special thanks to Qudra for making their room available to us free of charge.