Sanad Protection Sector

Sanad believes that any service provided to people with special needs falls under the umbrella of protection, as all services lead to their access to their rights that are affirmed by all international conventions and treaties.

Therefore, the protection program works to secure the safety, dignity, and rights of persons with disabilities and rehabilitate them to facilitate the process of their integration into society and reduce their exposure to further harm, humiliation, discrimination, and physical or psychological harm gender-based violence. To provide an appropriate environment to increase their chances of reaching their full potential, be on an equal footing with their peers, and provide them with all the tools and a safe environment that suits their needs.

Program philosophy

Sanad’s philosophy is based on the fact that every individual with a disability enjoys full rights that protect him from discrimination and marginalization. The individual is the basic structure in changing the society’s view of people with disabilities and amending laws that limit their inclusion in the community. Therefore, Sanad focuses in its philosophy on the rehabilitation and empowerment of the individual through providing cognitive-behavioural support services, speech rehabilitation, self-care skill, basic life skill, and psychological support, in addition, to support services such as physical and occupational therapy, guidance, family support, assistive devices, community awareness and advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities.

Program Goals

Mainstreaming the protection of persons with disabilities in the humanitarian work sectors
Community awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities
Building the capacity of workers with disabilities
Create friendly spaces for people with disabilities
Establish specialized rehabilitation centers for persons with disabilities to facilitate their integration into society.

Protection projects in Turkey