Who is Sened

Sened is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization established in 2013 and registered in Turkey with No. 27-15-175; It arose in response to the suffering of Syrian refugees in Turkey & internally displaced persons in Syria as a result of the war waged by the Syrian regime on its own people and torn apart the entire country. Sened works through the humanitarian work sectors to empower persons with disabilities, their families, and communities, advocate for their issues, and include their voice in their communities. Sened has become a specialized NGO in working with persons with disabilities and their families since 2015. It takes the aspirations of the founders, persons with disabilities and their families, and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as a compass for its work.

The founders

A group of Syrian and Turkish activists in the humanitarian and social field, businessmen and academics, united by the values of justice, equality, and defense of the oppressed.


Pioneering in making a positive change in the lives of persons with disabilities and the surrounding community.


Empowering persons with disabilities, their families and their communities to achieve sustainable change and social cohesion.

Our Values

  • • Equity and Equality

    • Transparency

    • Accountability

    • Solidarity and compassion

    • Cooperation


  • Establishment of rehabilitation and training centers to empower and integrate people with disabilities into their communities.
    Contribute to the provision of humanitarian and development services to people with special needs.
    Building the capacities of people with administrative and leadership disabilities.
    Removing barriers and obstacles to inclusion to provide a friendly space for people with special needs.
    Advocacy for people with disabilities in local and international forums.
    Conducting research and studies to identify needs and develop curricula and policies.
    Providing advisory services and technical training to employees and stakeholders who work with people with special needs.
    Communicate and coordinate both locally and internationally with relevant organizations and entities.

Sened Logo Philosophy

In the symbol we relied on the circle. Our choice of it was because it is one of the geometric symbols indicating harmony, harmony, centrality, clarity and neutrality. In its mythological meaning, it means connection, integration and continuity. The circle is the most perfect geometric form from which all shapes appear, and it is a universal symbol that has a place in most beliefs. The circular shape is the most natural among the shapes at all. The circle represents the unity of the planetarium that unites us, and symbolizes dynamism and infinite movement because it has no beginning or end, as it symbolizes the individual, perfection and inner energy, so it was in every part of the logo. To express professionalism, continuity and flexibility in movement and fluidity in dealing and harmony with various situations and the global in the vision.

It is the sun, the earth, the point, and the human being, who is the one we put in the center of our attention and goals, and we seek to be a protective shield to preserve his humanity and dignity, and to be his support in education, advocacy, and equipping him with livelihood skills to be an effective, effective, self-contained product in society. It turns from a point into a sun that reaches its lights all over the world.



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