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Sened is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian development organization that works to respond to people with disabilities and their families on two different levels. The first level: These are specialized projects for people with disabilities to empower and rehabilitate them psychologically, socially, and economically, and on the second level: support incubating communities with various development projects.

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الآنسة عبير غويني

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محمد أمين أوزانالب

مطعم تورتيلا للوجبات السريعة في ولاية كلس

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صاحبة مشروع بوتيك موبجل في ولاية كلس

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Dr.. Muhammed Nuri Gultekin
Everyone knows that refugees are trying to survive in difficult times. Moreover, the conditions experienced by persons with disabilities. Especially children and women. very difficult and cruel
Thaer Bilal
I worked with Sened as a manager of two projects, and during my work, I felt the spirit of high responsibility enjoyed by Sened employees and the extent of transparency in their work and the projects that have a document

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