sened’s board members met with Mr. Yusuf Çelebi, Director of the Disabled Department in Gaziantep Municipality, and Recep Yılmaz, a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Blind Sports Federation. They talked about people with special needs and it was agreed in principle to provide them with lists of persons with disabilities under the age of 18 to provide them with educational opportunities.

The following applications were made:

  1. Provide suitable places for training and teaching this category in all fields.
  2. Provide humanitarian relief aid.
  3. Prosthetic devices.
  4. Provide school seats for Syrian disabled children and transportation.
  5. Free transport card for this category.

Mr. Yusuf stressed that there is nothing difficult and we will work together to help this group of Syrian brothers in the hope that this meeting will be beneficial to our Syrian brothers who are in this category and may alleviate some of their sufferings.