Persons with disabilities and university education

One of the main problems facing persons with disabilities is the completion of their university education after dropping out of school. Consequently, sened Advocacy Team participated in the meeting held by the University of Gaziantep and the University of Istanbul by giving a presentation on the most important problems and challenges facing persons with disabilities to complete their university education.

The meeting was attended by several officials from Gaziantep University and Istanbul University. sened provided several recommendations to the university administration, including

  • Tomer and YOS study should be free for people with special needs;
  • Determining the proportion of university seats for people with special needs;
  • Providing special grants for people with special needs;
  • Appointing a social psychologist in universities to follow up the psychological situation of people with special needs and help them to overcome the obstacles;
  • Activating distance education for people with special needs.

Visit to the Governor of Gaziantep

The city of Gaziantep witnessed a silence on the suffering and problems of people with disabilities in particular.  But the advocacy team in sened is used to communicating the voice of people with disabilities to the concerned parties, always with real experiences and stories. sened Advocacy Team visited the governor of Gaziantep to request special meetings with Syrian disabled people and discuss their issues.

Educational and exploratory trip

Outdoor trips and activities are useful in increasing cognitive and recreational aspects. It is one of the successful ways to allow children to think and learn about different environments. Based on this approach, sened, in partnership with the Rainbow organization in association with Radio Rozna, organized a trip to the zoo where the activity included both healthy and disabled people.

The activity was to explore animal species. The volunteers explained information about each animal and its mechanism of living and its most prominent characteristics within an enthusiastic and interactive atmosphere and general information about animals in addition to several recreational activities.

Many ways for goodness

After a talk of blind people about their desire to recite the Book of God as normal people do and to feel the pleasure of their closeness to God. However, the lack of the Holy Qur’an in Braille in Turkey was a hindrance to them. After communicating with a philanthropist from the Charity Society for the Blind in Medina (Saudi Arabia), they presented two copies of the Holy Qur’an written in Braille for the blind as a donation to sened to train the blind to read the Book of God with the competent teacher.

sened’s journey and experience will begin with the launch of initiatives to teach the blind at sened center in Gaziantep soon.

Psychological support through music

Music has a direct connection to the human emotional aspect. Based on several global experiences, sened has begun to add a new experience to the psychological support program through music. Programs are used with children with disabilities based on movement, rhythm, sounds, language and musical expression in a group.

These programs are also used to stimulate the central nervous system to help with long-term cognitive-behavioral improvement.

The psychologist begins with a music specialist to start working with thoughtful steps under the supervision of experienced staff in other countries.

Positive results are achieved at the social, linguistic, cognitive, and motor level for people with special needs, and help develop their speech, movement, and cognition skills, and also develop the abilities of children with communication problems.

Specialists also work to increase children’s self-confidence and abilities by allowing them to appear in a musical choir so that people hear their suffering through music and songs to reach them in one way or another.

Persons with disabilities and distance education

People with disabilities may not be able to access schools or educational centers, but the spread of technology will allow them to do so.

sened has continuously surveyed the needs of beneficiaries. The issues of persons with disabilities and their suffering in accessing education based on the needs survey were highlighted several times. Concern Worldwide Organization responded to sened’s demands by allowing them to work with people with disabilities and to allow them to learn remotely by distributing tablets with integrated and targeted educational programs.

sened will supervise education, follow children at home and help them continue their education by visiting them weekly by volunteers from university students and teachers specialized in electronic learning platforms.