Family social integration activity

As part of the community integration of Syrians with special needs in Gaziantep, sened, with the support of Concern Worldwide Organization, is holding a dinner between families of Syrians with special needs and families of Turks with special needs.

Each family hosts each other at home. The discussions take place on the customs, traditions, and culture of the two countries, especially in the nature, concerns, and problems of Syrians with special needs in Turkey. It should be noted that these evenings create an atmosphere of love, intimacy, and friendship.

Violations or non-observance

Under the slogan of “violations or non-observance”, sened made a presentation at the meeting of the Syrian Human Rights Group at the UN office in Gaziantep, which is attended by a group of international and Syrian human rights organizations.

The colleagues in sened talked about the violations against people with special needs and the lack of respect for their rights in Syria and neighboring countries. They also noted the failure of international bodies to do their duty to this category under the international agreements they signed. Their talk focused on people with special needs who are currently trapped in many areas of Syria and unable to reach their minimum living rights at a time when people with special needs are suffering twice as much as the average person at all levels and the need to act and advocate for them.

People with special needs and education inside Syria

At the regular meeting of the Education Sector of the United Nations (OCHA Gaziantep), sened for people with special needs gave a presentation on the educational situation of people with special needs inside Syria. According to studies carried out in cooperation with The Space of Peace organization in Arihah, Jana Watan organization in Idlib city, and Farah organization in Daraa and Al Qunaitra.

Several topics were discussed, the most important of which were: the levels of problems and challenges facing people with special needs in the field of education and the importance of integrating this group into the education sector. A series of general recommendations were made on the mechanisms for integrating them into education.

Visit of the UN delegation

During a meeting with the UN delegation, which was on a special visit to Al Resala Center in kilis, sened’s advocacy team gave a presentation on the most important challenges and problems experienced by Syrians with special needs in Turkey. sened made some recommendations to the UN delegation to alleviate the suffering of this group. It also participated in an open dialogue session about people with special needs receiving services at the center and about their situation and problems.

Sports and people with special needs

sened visited Turkish sports centers and learned about the training and rehabilitation mechanism for people with special needs with Mr. Mehmet Şükrü Inal, director of the Martyr Kamel Sports Center in Gaziantep. sened said it wants to work on joint projects for people with special needs to integrate between Syrians and Turks.

Media and people with special needs

Our belief in the importance of the role of the media in support of special needs issues, sened’s advocacy team gave a presentation on the role of the media in highlighting people with special needs and supporting their causes after inviting media organizations and media activists.

The presentation focused on the levels suffered by people with special needs (human, economic, social, educational, health, emotional, and human rights). There was also a public discussion on the role and effectiveness of the media to raise these aspects and draw attention to them, especially “the aspect of family and community awareness.”

In conclusion, we, sened Advocacy team, thanked our media colleagues (Firas Al-Deeb, Samer Al-Ahmad, and Mazen Abu Tammam) for their attendance, interest, advice and constructive suggestions for our team. That helped us to work properly and take advantage of the media aspect to optimize the delivery of our voice and the voice of people with special needs through media and psychological and moral support for the team.

Special thanks to Qudra for making their room available to us free of charge.

People with Special Needs and Work

As part of sened’s policy to integrate people with special needs into the local community.

sened’s team  to advocate Persons with Disabilities visited a (Mutlu Kafe) cafe run by people with Down syndrome. The team reviewed their work in the cafe and talked about the mechanisms of training them to provide services without hindering them, but rather than that their popularity increased among people as a result of their experience and knowledge of their rights and duties.

sened’s advocacy team described the meeting as a simple vision of dreams for this group achieved and successful, which proves that the state and the law have priority in helping them start their work, hoping that the Syrians will also have similar steps and a society that knows its duties and holds them.

Free Library

From the point of view, reading is not a luxury, it is a right for every human being who wants it and wants to know about different cultures, arts, and literature, so Baytna Syria organization provided free subscription cards for people with special needs to borrow books from its library in Gaziantep as an encouragement to read.

Friendly environment for people with special needs

sened targeted the local council, the defense, the Qatari Red Crescent, and several community figures. sened aimed to talk about the need to provide a friendly environment for people with special needs, including appropriate infrastructures such as taking into account the stairs that prevent their access or narrow spaces that do not allow wheelchair users to access. The team also talked about problems and needs in conditions of inadequate services and poor infrastructure.

People with special needs and educational opportunities

The university ( Koç üniversitesi sosyoloji bölümü) and university of Gaziantep (Gaziantep ünversitesi) visited sened organization in Gaziantep City. They discussed education for Syrians with special needs in Turkey. sened explained the language barrier and the humanitarian situation that prevents people with special needs from accessing educational opportunities. Also, universities do not allocate a specific number of seats for people with special needs. It was agreed at the end of the meeting to provide suitable educational opportunities for this category and raise their needs to the competent authorities, hoping to see people with special needs in university education classes achieving what they aspire to.